Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Sexy Chart

I found this poster in my local train station several months ago but have neglected to share it until now. When I took the photo I thought the girl at the bottom looked a little like the Japanese version of "Ugly Betty" (of TV fame). It is advertising an optical shop. If you can't read it very well, "Sexiness" is measured from bottom to top and "months" across the bottom. I recently got a pair of prescription sunglasses that are rectangular and gray. I don't know, but when I wear them I definitely feel like I am higher on the sexy chart! My own sexiness aside...if you look closely at the girl, you will notice that not only do her glasses change, but her expression does too. She seems to be smirking a little at her sexiest. She also seems to be wearing eye make-up at the top of the chart. The thing that really makes me laugh though, is that the sides of her nose and even her NOSTRILS seem to change shape, too! Now that is asking a LOT of a pair of glasses. I hope you are wearing your sexiest glasses...and if you don't wear glasses I suggest you run out and get some.

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